Kahiwa Falls on Molokai Island, Hawaii, USA

Kahiwa Falls on Molokai Island, Hawaii, USA

kahiwa Falls is a tiered waterfall in Hawaii located on the northern shore of the island of Molokai, between Wailau and Papalaua valleys. The waterfall is about 2165 feet (660 meters) tall, although often only 1749 feet of its drop are counted as the main fall.
The falls have 6 tiers, the highest drop is 183 m tall. Kahiwa Falls can be observed only from the sea or from air. At strong winds the waterfall may get caught and rise upwards.
Often the nearby Papalaua Falls are mistaken for Kahiwa Falls. Kahiwa Falls can easily be distinguished from Papalaua Falls – the later are located at the far end of a 0.9 km-long valley, while Kahiwa Falls fall directly into the ocean.


Berry Head Arch in Newfoundland, Canada

Berry Head Arch in Newfoundland, Canada

The arch is on the Spurwink Island path of the East Coast Trail, about 6 km (3.7 mi) north of Port Kirwan. This path is classified as ‘difficult’. Park at small church at the end of Port Kirwan. The trailhead is at the rear of the church. Alternatively, start at Aquaforte River, parking in the lot near Hagan’s Hospitality Home. It is about a 17 km (10.6) hike to Port Kirwan, and takes you right past the Berry Head Arch. A detailed map of the Spurwink Island path is available from the East Coast Trail Association